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When it comes to the Internet’s most popular pastime, texas holdem online poker is certainly somewhere up at the top, if it isn’t actually king of the ring. Over the past few years this intense game has exploded in popularity all over the world, in part due to a big presence online. As it has continued to grow in popularity, the internet presence of poker and those who play texas holdem has also increased. While you can find poker sites catering to players of every variation imaginable, the undisputed champion in terms of overall popularity is the version of poker known as Texas Hold ‘em.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that online texas holdem poker is the most popular version of poker online, because it is also probably the most popular version as far as all the major tournaments in the world. At the World Series of Poker, for example, there are playoffs for every variation imaginable, but it is Texas hold ‘em that has enjoyed pride of place as the Main Event decade after decade. It’s not just the world’s biggest tournament that focuses on this game either; if you turn on the television and look for any broadcast poker tournament, the odds are pretty good that a holdem texas poker game is the one you will be watching.

Online Texas hold ‘em can be found in every major online poker site, the most popular choice for those who want to play online texas holdem in poker rooms. It’s hard to really know the reasons why is so popular both online and off (beyond the obvious snowball effect) but I would guess that it has to do with the fact that the basic online texas holdem game play is pretty straightforward. You know what your hole cards are and everyone plays the same community cards, and the rest is really up to the math. There isn’t quite the element of guesswork that needs to be applied in other poker variations (such as draw) and the possible combinations are decreased somewhat in comparison to others (seven card stud and Omaha).

Outside of the game itself, the texas holdem game has enjoyed a surge in popularity due to the fact that players can at least learn the basics of the game without costing them anything. If you go to a land based texas holdem game, even if it’s …

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