About Steve Buyer

Since he was first elected to Congress, Steve Buyer has been a leader in the fight to reduce unnecessary government spending and to bring responsible fiscal practices to Congress.  He has supported a balanced budget amendment, efforts to rein in federal spending, and efforts to lower the federal spending deficit.

Steve Buyer has been an advocate for the men and women wearing our nation’s uniform to ensure they have the training and equipment necessary to fight and win the war on terror.  As the former Chairman and current Ranking Members of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Steve has worked to make sure our nation’s veterans have the best health care and opportunities to succeed in the private sector.

As a Member of the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee, Steve helped to craft historic telecommunications legislation that allows our nation to remain competitive in today’s high-tech world and to respond to new challenges.  Known as an expert on health care policy, Steve has played a significant role in developing key health care legislation.  He has transformed the military health care system and fulfilled America’s promise of health care for life to its military retirees through the TriCare program.  He has helped reduce costs to American consumers for their prescription drugs, improved the patient-doctor relationship, shortened the FDA’s approval time for lifesaving prescription drugs and medical devices, and improved our nation’s commitment to preventative health care. 

Steve remains at the forefront of issues affecting Indiana and continues working to make a difference for Hoosiers and their fellow Americans. 

What people are saying about Steve Buyer:

“I am grateful for Steve Buyer’s hard work to pass this landmark legislation that will actually help seniors gain access to affordable drugs.”

-Tommy Thompson, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, at a news conference to announce the roll out of the Medicare Drug Discount Card (3/25/04)

“If it were not for Steve Buyer, the promise of health care for life for military retirees would not be a reality.”

                        -President of the National Association of Uniform Officer

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